Just Peace festival

just peace festival

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26 september 2017


14:00 - 20:00





Around the 21st of September, The Hague will celebrate the U.N.-declared International Day of Peace together with you with a wealth of activities, during the Just Peace Festival.

Unlikely partners for Peace, interactive session

14:00 -15:30 PM - Innovation Playground

Drinking water is essential for human life as well as for peace, security and justice. There are many actual and potential conflicts about water resources for drinking and food production. Many countries share rivers, lakes, underground water and seas. Purification of pollutants, desalination, and equitable sharing are crucial for peace all over the world. The growth of population and economies causes conflicts about ever more scarce water resources.

Jasper van Koppen, MSc.
Team Leader IPM of THUAS, Second-in-Command of NLD Reserve Coy
Expert in: International Relations, Military Security
Expertise: War and Peace Studies, Leadership and Military Operations

Jasper van Koppen is the Team Leader of International Public Management, a degree programme of the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He teaches about war and peace, law and regularly provides insights into military operations, in which he still takes part, as he is also active as a soldier in the Dutch Armed Forces. Most recently he was deployed to Mali, but he also worked in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Masterclass International Negotiation

16:00 - 20:00 PM (drinks and bites will be served during the break)
Speakers' Corner

A masterclass on International Negotiation will be held for every student who is interested in foreign affairs.The objective of this simulation exercise is to practice and sharpen multilateral negotiation skills and to analyse verbal and non-verbal negotiation behavior.

The instruction and introduction will be led by Dr. P.W. Meerts
Senior Research Associate at Clingendael Institute
Expert in: Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
Expertise: International Negotiation Processes, Central Europe, Training & Education

Paul Meerts is Senior Research Associate at the Clingendael Institute. He is active in the field of International Negotiations as Member of the Process of International Negotiation (PIN) Steering Committee and Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of International Negotiation. He is also a Founding Member of the Netherlands Negotiation Network, where he is also a Member of the Steering Committee.

The Hague University of applied sciences is partner of Just Peace festival