Experts panel - Poland, Abortion and Constitutional Crisis

Poland and Abortion

In het kort


5 november 2020


13:00 - 15:00


Online live event

On 22nd October 2020 Polish Constitutional Court decided that abortion in case of severe foetal defects is unconstitutional. This ruling almost completely banned abortion in Poland, allowing it only when pregnancy is a result of rape and when health or life of the mother is endangered.

Women reacted by joining protests in Poland and around the world. These developments need to be discussed. Please join our panel of experts and students for a discussion of the context, decision, reasons, and consequences.


  • Marta Achler, Senior Legal Advisor at the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law, lawyer in the field of international law and international human rights law

  • Pola Cebulak, Assistant Professor in European Law at University of Amsterdam

  • Ewa Hofmańska, Ph.D. lawyer, academic, Legal Expert at the Trust Fund for Victims - the International Criminal Court

  • Agnieszka Bień-Kacała, Professor in Constitutional Law, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

  • Eliza Rutynowska, Lawyer at the Civil Development Forum, Trainee Attorney at the Warsaw Bar Association, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw

  • Barbara Warwas, Professor Multilevel Regulation, THUAS

The Q&A session will be moderated by Hanna Falkiewicz, LAW student, THUAS.

Event is organised by The Hague University of Applied Sciences,
Centre of Expertise Global Governance and the Research Group Multilevel Regulation

Online live event via MS Teams