Launching the Community of Practice on Applied Global Governance

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In het kort


11 november 2020


10:00 - 12:00



On Wednesday 11 November, the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance is launching its Community of Practice on Applied Global Governance.

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people from different backgrounds who aim at generating change on jointly identified challenges. It is a meeting place where professionals and students share ideas, inform and advise each other and work towards a set end goal. Participants share a sense of ‘urgency’ to tackle and resolve an existing problem in their daily professional life. 

All colleagues, students and other interested people are invited to join the launch and join the discussions on our problem statement.

Global Governance – the problem statement 

Although often understood as the affairs of states and international organizations, the network of global governance actors is more local than it appears. Global issues affect citizens, students, and professionals directly. Nonetheless, those actors are precisely the ones who are often puzzled by how global governance works in practice and how this practice translates into their daily (professional) routines and skillset. 

Our Community of Practice aims to generate change on this issue. The aim: citizens, students and professionals should no longer feel puzzled by the world of Global Governance. Instead, they should be informed participants of Global Governance and should experience the indispensable value of local, national, private and civil initiatives for solving issues on a global scale. 

Interested to join? You can participate to the event on Teams by using the following link: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.