Onderzoekslunch: The Future of Organizational Governance at THUAS

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In het kort


23 november 2020


12:15 - 13:15


MS Teams online event

How do we create simple and transparent governance systems in large public institutions? An interactive discussion with Rajash Rawal on the future of organizational governance at HHS.

Good governance plays a key role not just at country level, but at an organizational level as well. How organizations are governed and how key decision-makers reflect on their own governance practices define the future of many organizations both in the public and private sectors. The design of good governance practices has been the center of interest of researchers and policy-makers in the past years, however we still know very little about how organizations actually implement them.

During this research lunch, we will discuss the role of various management layers in selecting and implementing good governance practices and the related challenges large public organizations are facing at the moment. Dr. Agota Szabo is an organizational governance researcher at the lectoraat Multilevel Regulation and a senior lecturer at European Studies. Her research focuses on the practical implementation of good governance practices and the role of individual decision-makers in organizational governance.

This Research Lunch is hosted by Dr. Agota Szabo and organized by the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance.

You can join the meeting in MS Teams.