Employment Network Event 2020 - Ceremony of the ENE 2020


In het kort


27 november 2020


16:00 - 18:00


an online environment

Chaired by Ms. Sibug Montero, our distinguished speakers will share their experiences and answers to some very relevant questions give by students on this year 2020: Topics will be: 

  • Dean Liduine Bremer of the Faculty of Public Management Law and Safety at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Suica and her Head of Cabinet Colin Scicluna, in charg of Demography and Democracy
  • President of the Europol Catherine de Bolle
  • European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly
  • LAW Alumnus Maximilian Garre (European Space Agency)
  • LAW Alumna Kamile Sakalauskaite (Lithuanian Paralympic Committee)

YouTube Link: to be shared on the Thursday 26th November 

Teasing video: Full interview with EU Commissioner Didier Reynders by THUAS LAW students in March 2020 

Employment Network Event 2020 
The Employment Network Event 2020 is an entirely networking conference and job-study fair organized by the International and EU Law Programme of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This is the 9th edition of the event for the first time accessible online on YouTube Live. More than 80 speakers from EU Commissioners to Ambassadors, International Organisations, Companies, Ministries, Law Firms are represented with Alumni, Students and Academic professionals too.