Polish Women's Strike: What's happening and what’s next?

Poland and Abortion

In het kort


3 december 2020


16:00 - 17:30


online event (YouTube live)

Following our previous conversation about the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court on abortion law, we would like to invite you for a follow-up event on the ongoing Women’s Strike in Poland. The controversial ruling sparked similar protests around the world including in The Netherlands. A lot has changed during this month and many opinions were expressed.

Please join our panel for a discussion about the present situation in Poland and in The Netherlands, how we got here, and what is next.


  • Małgorzata Boś-Karczewska, Polish-Dutch journalist, editor-in-chief of Polonia.nl, website of the Polish community in the Netherlands
  • Kamila Ferenc, lawyer at the Federation for Women and Family Planning, Warsaw, Poland
  • Milleta Killam, psychologist, women’s rights activist based in The Hague
Join the YouTube live event.

The event is organised by The Hague University of Applied Sciences,
Centre of Expertise Global Governance