Female Leadership in the Peace, Security, and Governance Environment


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8 maart 2021


14:00 - 15:00


Online Event

As part of the celebrations last year (2020) we saw firm commitments from the United Nations Secretary General on the Women, Peace, and Security agenda and a reminder that we run the risk of losing hard-fought gains on gender equality and peace and recovering better from the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent achievements of female leaders during the COVID-19 crisis have underlined the positive contributions and inclusive recovery female leaders can provide.

In response to two questions the chair asked in 2019, where are the women after Resolution 1325 and where are the women in global governance? We are asking this panel: What can be learnt from the Women who have excelled in the peace and security environment and what can we learn from their contributions?  We are asking what have we learned in the last 20 years since the launch of the Women Peace and Security agenda and what lessons can young peace builders learn from women who have worked in the peace and security environment?

The event is an opportunity for the guests to discuss what it takes to succeed in the peace and security environment, how they dealt with adversity and differences of opinion in the field or workspace and what challenges they encountered as female leaders in peace processes. We also want to ask the panelists what has changed in the last 20 years and what young peacebuilders can learn from them as they step into this field.

We want to use this event as an opportunity to ask what can we learn from the women who have excelled in the field of peace and security, how they dealt with being a minority in a male-dominated field, how we improve support and the development of women who want to occupy senior management positions, and where do we go from here with UN’s Women and Youth Peace and Security Agenda?

The event is a follow up to the three previous events on Women in Peacekeeping or the future of peacekeeping. The first took place between the 18th and 19th December 2019, the second on 29th June 2020, and third on 11th November. As we continue to celebrate certain milestones for the Women Peace and Security agenda and look forward to a decade of action. We are asking this panel: What can be learned from the Women who have worked in the peace and security environment and what can we learn from their contributions?


Fleur Ravensbergen – Deputy Director and Co-founder of Dialogue Advisory Group

Cristina Pectu – Research Associate, STIMSON

Aya Chebbi – African Union Youth Envoy 


Professor Alanna O’Malley - The Chair of UN Studies in Peace and Justice

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How to submit questions to the panelists

If you would like to submit questions to the panleists use the chat section of the You Tube stream, question section in the registration form, or email the Chair of UN Studies at unstudies@hum.ledienuniv.nl.

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After Event Networking

Together with the Hague Humanity Hub we are hosting a networking session right after the panel, during which you can connect with fellow participants and share with each other your insights and thoughts on female leadership in peace-building.

Jill Wilkinson, Managing Director at the Humanity Hub will facilitate this session. In one hour, you will get the chance to join multiple break-out rooms in small groups, in which certain topics or themes that have to do with International Women’s Day get to be discussed, on which you can give your input. Grab this chance to keep the conversation going and meet new people!

How to join the After Event Networking

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