Women’s March on Global Governance

International Womens day

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8 maart 2021


09:00 - 18:00


online meeting

The Centre of Expertise on Global Governance is hosting four events over the month of March dedicated to celebrating and reflecting on International Women’s Day. This includes the launch of a podcast on the future of governance, an international women’s day panel on female leadership in the Peace and Security Environment and a Women in Mediation panel, and a discussion on Poland’s new abortion laws.

8th of March
Podcast on The Future of Governance – Voices and perspectives from the Global Governance Centre of Expertise at THUAS.

The Centre of Expertise on Global Governance is launching a podcast platforming the diverse perspectives of the Global Governance Centre of Expertise.

8th of March
International Women’s Day Event – Female Leadership in the Peace and Security Environment >

This panel’s theme is “What can be learnt from the Women who have excelled in the peace and security environment and what can we learn from their contributions?” an opportunity to ask what can we learn from the women who have excelled in the field of peace and security, how they dealt with being a minority in a male-dominated field, how we improve support and the development of women who want to occupy senior management positions, and where do we go from here with UN’s Women and Youth Peace and Security Agenda?

16th of March

Panel on Women in Mediation

The Trust Mediators project has prepared an interview with female practitioners in the field of mediation. Having reflected on how the panelists adapted and thrived within a male dominated environment of peacebuilding, this panel will focus on gender perspectives, especially in different cultures, related to the element of trust building in mediation by learning from the experiences of practitioners in the field. Students from the Trust MEdiation Project team will be interviewing mediators from tehri respective cultural region in order to learn if gender is a factor that impacts trust building in mediation (and if so, how). It will be an interview style event with a Q&A session at the end.

Guest Speakers: 

Ms Aparna, Mediator in India
Tabitha van der Bergh, MfN Mediator, Mediation Amsterdam
Mari Vanhaven, Judge and Mediator at the district Court of Helsinki