Research Lunch with Christine Tremblay


In het kort


30 maart 2021


12:30 - 13:30


Teams Meeting

‘Student Reading Group on Diversity: Taking a moment to reflect on how to move forward’

At the beginning of this precarious and interesting year, with the assistance of the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance, Christine started a dialogue with students on different aspects of diversity through an online student reading group, Student Reading Group on Diversity. The dialogue began from an assigned reading on the theme of the week, facilitated by Christine and her background in Gender Law with an intersectional approach. The readings (or sometimes videos) were instrumental in triggering the conversation. On the 16 March, this reading group pilot will end with the last planned session. Therefore, it is an appropriate time to reflect and decide on how to move forward, of course, only if there is an interest on the part of the students to continue this discussion. 

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Check out our video below on the aspects of diversity and inclusion covered by Christine in her reading group, and to explore the upcoming discussion topics of our Research Lunch.

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