Online Research lunch by the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security: ‘Alerting conscience to reduce DDoS attacks against the gaming industry: A quasi-experimental design using Google Ads’

In het kort


3 mei 2021


12:00 - 13:30


Microsoft Teams



By: Asier Moneva Pardo, researcher at the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security
Date: Monday 3 May 2021
Time: 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Language: English

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a type of cyber-dependent crime that saturate the resources of a system by sending massive amounts of information. Such attacks are frequently targeted at the gaming industry. And sometimes DDoS attacks targeted at organisations or individuals are carried out by the players or spectators themselves. To carry out DDoS attacks, users can search the Internet for how-to tutorials or hire cybercrime services.

Using a 4 x 2 quasi-experimental design, we evaluate the effectiveness of four Google Ads (i.e., deterring---control, blaming, teasing, and advising) and the contents of their two linked landing pages (i.e., formal, and informal) in engaging with users with the objective of alerting their conscience and diverting them from perpetrating DDoS attacks. We discuss the implications of the results for situational cybercrime prevention and anticipate future lines of research.

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