International conference on Professional development of...

Internationalisation of the curriculum has asserted its place in higher education. It is now considered a key instrument for all students to acquire international and intercultural competencies. Therefore, internationalisation of teaching and learning has moved into the centre of attention, requiring a range of new skills from lecturers. Most lecturers, however, have hardly been prepared for this. Professional development options are limited and lag behind what is needed. This conference focuses on research based ways to provide lecturers with the necessary skills.

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Conferentie lectoraat Duurzame Talentontwikkeling

Deze conferentie, die wordt georganiseerd door het lectoraat Duurzame Talentontwikkeling van De Haagse Hogeschool in samenwerking met de Dialogical Self Academy, verkent op een praktische en theoretische manier hoe reflectiviteit met creativiteit verbonden kan worden.

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