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Are you able to manage two programme teams in higher education? Can you inspire and motivate a Dutch and an international team of professionals in the best possible way so they can provide excellent education for our students? The students are going to be the next generation of public sector professionals, the ultimate challenge to work for!

What exactly will you do?
You will be the educational manager of the degree programme in public management, the fully Dutch variant Bestuurskunde / Overheidsmanagement (BO) and the English variant International Public Management (IPM). Next to the challenging assignment as a programme director in higher education you will work with the programme teams on further developing the new profile in which we educate students to become typical networkers/connectors between an international, national, regional and local perspective; who know how to fully develop their talents and who make meaningful and concrete contributions to a better world.

You stimulate sustainable cooperation and progress and share this in your interaction with the other programme directors of the adjoining programmes. You make it possible for people to perform at their best, whether they are students or lecturers in your teams. You are in the lead for the quality of education, for the long term educational vision of the programme and for providing a strong and innovative curriculum.

You inspire, coach and facilitate leadership to the team in the development, implementation and quality of education. The programme has an ambitious team, which has the continual improvement of education and supporting the sustainable cooperation between the Dutch and the International English team as their main priority. You connect developments in the academic and professional field to the programme and the faculty. Furthermore, you take care of the financial management of the programme. Finally, you contribute to the formulation of the strategy, starting points and frameworks for the faculty. We want you to manage the bilingual and diverse BO and IPM programme, building a robust, stable and effective management team.

Your profile
As an educational manager you need to at least be a caring and decisive person, have a strong affinity with the public domain and insights into education.
We want you to be successful as a programme director. Furthermore we would like to see in your resume that you have: 

  • A Master’s degree (in education or in the public management domain);
  • Leadership skills to give shape to new / innovative programme and management, with the ability to form (strategic) alliances;
  • Didactically innovative and able to facilitate integrated educational innovation;
  • An international mindset and experience working with an international, diversely orientated team;
  • A command of both the Dutch and the English language as you will be working with both a Dutch and an international student population and programme teams.

Besides this, we want you to convince us with examples that you are the best candidate for this position. Which means that you:
  • Have people management skills to inspire, stimulate and facilitate a team to gain the same results of the programme and innovative curriculum;
  • Have the ability to unite and integrate people and (potential) partnerships from diverse backgrounds;
  • Are accessible to co-workers and students, you embrace integrity, open mind and transparency;
  • Have the ability to handle acute situations like COVID-19 promptly and efficiently. You have the ability to transfer and adapt. You are capable of dealing appropriately with stressful situations;

More about the programme
The programme in public management with a fully Dutch variant Bestuurskunde / Overheidsmanagement (BO) and an English variant International Public Management (IPM) has an ambitious team with over 30 lecturers and has stable student numbers with potential for growth. To make the world a better place by understanding and solving social quests and to educate students to implement these solutions, that’s what we educate our students for. An inspiring environment to share your passion for education! Contributing to a fast changing world in which digital and technical challenges lead to new opportunities and chances. Focus for the coming year is further development of the new curriculum and forming an inclusive team.

What we offer:
  • A temporary position for a year (D4) for 1,0 FTE; 40 hours per week, depending on the circumstances there may be the possibility of an extension towards a permanent employment contract;
  • A salary between € 5.092,01 up to € 6.202,13 gross per month (scale 13) for a full-time work week;
  • 8% holiday pay;
  • A guaranteed end of the year pay of 8,3%;
  • An easily accessible work space, by both bicycle, car (plenty of parking space) and train (next to the Hollands Spoor station);
  • A generous leave policy of about 53 days for a full-time appointment including the compulsory free days and the national holidays;
  • The space and resources for professional and personal development;
  • A large network and a dynamic environment among motivated international students and employees within higher education in a metropolitan context, national and international.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences as an inclusive campus
The Hague University of Applied Sciences wants to be an inclusive campus. That's why we focus on equal opportunities and strive for a wide diversity of staff alongside a diverse student population. After all, as a university we are at the heart of society and should reflect that. That is why we attach great importance to making the best possible use of the different perspectives and backgrounds of our employees. This is how we find even more connection with our students and the changing world around us.
The application process at the faculty of Public Management, Law and Safety
This vacancy is a part of the pilot Nudging recruitment & selection of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW). When you have submitted your application, we shall remove your first name, country of birth and your date of birth to make your application anonymous. At THUAS we want to give you an equal opportunity in the selection process and not be led by information that could influence your chance of an invitation to a job interview. Therefor we only look at the talent you have developed and wish to gain. You can apply by answering 6 questions and uploading your resume. After the closing date we organize an objective preselection.

Are you our new Programme Director?
Do you think that your profile matches this position? Then, please, answer the next 6 questions. Please, answer each question with a maximum of 200 words.
  1. What is especially appealing to you in this position and our faculty or organisation?
  2. Which relevant degrees and or courses have you completed that gives you the plus for this position?
  3. We want to know more about your leadership skills and what you have achieved professionally within and outside of education. Please do tell us more about your achievements and how we could profit from these achievements for this positon?
  4. How do you view your role as leader and manager of a team with a high degree of diversity as to subject area and background?
  5. We want to know more about your knowledge and skills of the public domain as well as what you have achieved in an international context. Please enlighten us.
  6. What was your role so far in taking the lead of integral curriculum innovation?
The application deadline is Monday 30 November 2020. You can apply for this position directly, online through the application button on the THUAS website. When you have answered the 6 questions based on your motivation and are selected for an interview, we will release your full CV and contact details to the selection committee.
Interviews will be held on 7 December 2020. Depending on the developments of the Covid-19 virus and the Dutch health regulations we plan online interviews.
As a part of the second interview we shall ask you to prepare a subject or short presentation for a selected committee.

Do you want more information?
For in-depth information about this vacancy, please contact Liduine Bremer, Dean of the faculty of Public Management, Law and Safety via e-mail at
For general information: Marianne Hollestein, Resourcing Advisor via mail: .

You can apply for this position through the application button. Applications sent to these e-mail addresses will not be considered.
Recruitment in response to this job opportunity is not appreciated.


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