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As a lecturer in the programme Safety and Security Management Studies (SSMS) you will teach students in security matters related to (post-)conflict environments, third sector involvement and the consequences of globalisation. This includes traditional dimensions of human security, such as environmental security, food and water security, or health security.

You will help students, in all four years of the programme, understand the role of collective security, stakeholder engagement, as well as public and private sector ethics and the international community’s responsibility to protect. You will also introduce them to modern approaches to threats, and help them make sense of the impact of (inter)national and regional dynamics. Whether students are in their first year or about to graduate, you will ultimately help prepare a new generation of security professionals for both the public and private sector who recognise the interlinkages of various elements affecting societies and their resilience.

You will share your knowledge and experience, which will involve teaching a variety of courses. Some are already developed (such as ‘Culture and Diversity’) while new ones will be developed by you as well as in collaboration with other SSMS colleagues. Moreover, you will organise and coordinate interactive projects and workshops for students, and often in collaboration with external partners from the field.

You will guide, coach, and assess SSMS students in order to facilitate their integration of theory and practice. This includes supervision of internships and of the final thesis. In doing so, you will help students attain the level of research as well as professional skills required to be highly competent, innovative, and knowledgeable professionals in regard to, amongst others, the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of societal and organisational hazards.

Your profile
When reading through your resume, we would like to see:

  • a relevant degree (e.g. international relations, peace and conflict studies, communications, diplomacy, security studies, environmental or sustainability studies, global governance, political science, international humanitarian law, etc.); additional experience with traditional international security topics such as intelligence, terrorism or peace operations is also desirable;
  • that you have clearly developed yourself in an international, professional environment, preferably including practical experience in different sectors, having supported organisations in the management of their resilience, human security or corporate responsibility approaches and facilitated an improvement of their performance in these areas;
  • that you have obtained skills through a variety of relevant activities and responsibilities in both the public and private sector (e.g. in  environmental security, climate change, disaster response, safety planning, sustainable development, etc.);
  • strong interest or demonstrable expertise in teaching, instructing and guiding students with an open mind towards new teaching and learning methods;
  • a level of proficiency in English in listening, speaking, reading and writing of at least C1. Good Dutch skills are beneficial, but not mandatory.
When we meet for an interview, you will be able to convince us that you are the best candidate for the job. We encourage you to apply if you can:
  • stimulate and motivate students in their personal and professional development by passing on your own knowledge and experiences reconciling both theoretical and practical approaches in line with the educational goals set by the SSMS programme;
  • contribute to a highly collaborative work environment in which you seek and offer support to students and colleagues;
  • share ideas and opinions eloquently and correctly, in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing;
  • stay focussed on realising results and attaining (educational) goals as well as signalling opportunities to improve results.
About the programme
Safety and Security Management Studies offers a full-time English-language Bachelor programme that is structured to educate young professionals for work in the international field of safety and security. Our students hail from all over world, and our staff also consists of a diverse and multicultural group of enthusiastic individuals with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds including specialisations in criminology, history, law, linguistics, and military affairs, amongst several others. The programme also has a strong collaboration with the professional field and students are progressively trained from the start to apply their knowledge drawn from real-life situations through individual assignments and group projects. More information here.

What we offer
  • An appointment for one year (D4) week with the possibility of extension for 0.6 - 1.0 fte, 24 - 40 hours per;
  • A salary of between € 3,658,64 and € 5,026.85 gross per month (equalling scale 11 for a full-time work week);
  • (The employment conditions are in keeping with the Collective Labour Agreement for higher professional education);
  • Read more about our attractive secondary conditions
We also offer a workplace which is very easily accessible by either public transport (we are located right next to the train station Hollands Spoor) or by car (parking garage in the immediate vicinity) from The Hague and from other cities like Delft, Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Do you want to know more about the faculty?
Based in The Hague - the Peace & Justice Capital of Europe, the Faculty of Public Management, Law & Safety provides an inspiring International learning and working environment in which students are educated to become professionals in their field. Our Faculty is one of the largest in our University, with more than 240 dedicated staff members working in education & research, supporting a growing population of more than 4000 students. The Programmes we offer in English include Public Management; International Law; and Safety & Security Management Studies. We also have Centres of Expertise at THUAS where research is carried out in the areas of Cyber Security; Global Governance; Health Innovation; Digital Operations & Finance; Global & Inclusive Learning; Governance of Urban Transitions; and Mission Zero under which, Multi-level Regulation, UN Studies in Peace & Justice and a Grip on Europe. The Faculty and Centres of Expertise are based in our main campus in The Hague on the Johanna Westerdijkplein walking distance from the city centre.
THUAS as an inclusive campus
As a University of Applied Sciences we stand in the middle of society and we also want to reflect this. In addition to our diversity amongst students, The Hague University of Applied Sciences values the same type of diversity in her staff and among students. The Hague University of Applied Sciences seeks an inclusive campus with a diverse student and staff population in which equal opportunities stand out. Through these various perspectives and creativity we are able to connect with the diversity amongst students, staff and the professional field in the evolving surroundings.

Are you our new colleague?
Do you think that you make a good match for this position and do you look forward to working as a lecturer at SSMS?
Then please answer only the next five (5) questions and elaborate on each question with a maximum of 200 words.
  1. What is especially appealing to you to be lecturer at SSMS, and what makes you the best candidate for this programme?
  2. Can you describe how you have developed yourself as a professional in (higher) education and how this would support your qualification for lecturing in a bachelor’s programme, and working with colleagues and students at that level?
  3. We also want to know how you have developed yourself professionally beyond the field of education. With what skills and knowledge, including specialisation, can you contribute to the SSMS programme? This can include analytical and problem solving skills as well as scientific expertise (e.g. technological literacy, organisational competence, communication or psychological sciences, etc.).
  4. What kind of didactical and communication skills (in English) have you obtained so far which could help you teach and guide our students both online and in person.
  5. Please give and describe a specific example from your professional experience in which you used an innovative approach, your enthusiasm, your drive, and your team spirit to inspire students, colleagues, or others.
You can apply for the position by submitting your CV and a separate document that includes the answers to the five (5) questions above via the link below. The application deadline is Thursday, 24 June 2021 @ 23.59. The first round of interviews will be held shortly after (TBD).
Due to the developments of the Covid-19 virus and the Dutch health regulations we plan online interviews.

Do you want more information?
For in-depth information: Mirad Böhm (SSMS Programme Manager) via e-mail at m.i.bohm@hhs.nl.
General information: Marianne Hollestein of team Resourcing via e-mail: vacatures@hhs.nl.

You can apply for this position through the application button. Applications sent to these e-mail addresses will not be considered.
Recruitment in response to this job opportunity is not appreciated.


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