Monday 20 June 2022 (19:00 – 21:30 hours) 

As a global professional, we must be able to act effectively and appropriately in today's connected world, and in doing so, developing self-awareness of our own cultural lenses is crucial. This is only possible when we encounter "the other"; only then do we become acutely aware of our assumptions and blind spots when our interaction with cultural "others" surprises or sometimes frustrates us.

In this workshop we will consider what competences you need for a successful intercultural interaction, which are often complex and unclear. By playing the Barnga game you will experience how you react to unpredictable and unclear situations; something global professionals often have to deal with. Then, based on the cultural scales developed by Erin Meyer, you will reflect on your own actions in a number of professional situations and find out which strategies are effective to deal with differences.

During the training you will learn: 

  • What intercultural communication is;
  • What Erin Meyer's cultural scales mean;
  • And how you can use them in your practice; 

Practical information

Target audience 

Alumni and student graduating from The Hague University of Applied Sciences


The workshop is in English. 


You are welcome from 18.30 hrs for a cup of tea or coffee. We will start with the workshop at 19.00 hrs and conclude the programme at 21.30 hrs. Afterwards we will walk to Café Xieje for a drink.


The training will take place in the Speakers' Corner at the main campus of The Hague University of Applied Sciences


For the workshop we ask a small contribution of 10 euros for students graduating and 25 euros for alumni. For this you will get:

  • A workshop (2.5 hours)
  • Coffee/tea
  • Drinks during the networking reception


You can register and pay via the online form. The deadline to register for this training is Monday, May 30, 2022.

NB: Refunds of the participation fee are not possible in the event of a cancellation. The training takes place with a minimum of 20 registrations. If a training is canceled due to too few registrations, the participation costs for that training will be refunded.

About the trainers

Eveke de Louw

Eveke de Louw is an experienced internationalisation practitioner and an expert in curriculum internationalisation, with more than 20 years of experience. In her professional career at the degree programme of European Studies, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Eveke has performed in key coordinating roles ranging from International Student Co-coordinator, Team Leader and Coordinator of Internationalisation. She has also chaired various committees and played a leading role in curriculum design projects. She is currently Senior International Officer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences leading a university-wide policy team on global citizenship and  internationalisation, and a steering group member of the internationalisation at home expert community of the  European Association for International Education (EAIE). She’s also a 2019 winner of the EAIE Award for Outstanding  Contribution.

Claudia Bulnes

Claudia Bulnes is a Researcher, Lecturer and an International Policy Advisor at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands. In her professional career Claudia has performed in key co-ordinating roles ranging from International Student Coordinator, Programme Coordinator and Mobility Co-ordinator. In her current role, her main responsibility is to develop and provide staff training and consultancy on internationalisation of the curriculum. She has co-developed different tools and models to support degree programmes in mapping and embedding internationalisation in their curricula. Claudia holds a degree in Teaching English and Spanish as a   Foreign Language from the University of Oviedo and the University of Antonio de Nebrija in Spain.