CREUvent 2021: Exploring the pandemic’s impact on Europe

After the successful inaugural edition of CREUvent 2020 that investigated the working practice, modalities and implications of EU policy-making processes, on Thursday 4 February, the Changing role of Europe research group explores with you the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on European Union policies and policymaking. We will engage a broad spectrum of relevant stakeholders online to discuss challenges and offer solutions to these topical issues. Chaired by the members of the research group, and hosting experts in the respective areas, the sessions will welcome students, practitioners, civil servants, academics and all those interested in the topical issues to join in a discussion online.

Date: Thursday 4 February 2021

Opening: 11.15 – 12.00

Workshops: 12.00 -17.00

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CREUvent 2021: Exploring the pandemic’s impact on Europe


11.15 - 12.00: What does COVID mean for the EU’s external relations?

Mendeltje van Keulen photo      Michael KÖHLER

dr. Mendeltje van Keulen, professor Changing role of Europe at THUAS, speaks with dr. Michael Koehler, Deputy Director General European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO) at the European Commission (DG ECHO) and Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.


12.00 -13.00: The European populists and Covid-19: a swaying course?

13:00 - 14.00: Intelligence gathering in the era of Artificial Intelligence

14.00 - 15.00: Apps & Covid-19: Coping with privacy & data protection

15.00 - 16.00: The Hague: City of Justice and Peace in times of Covid-19?

16.00 - 17.00: EU coalition building in times of Covid-19

12.00 - 13.00: The European populists and Covid-19: a swaying course?


Chris Aalberts

dr. Chris Aalberts

Rik Jan Brinkman

Rik-Jan Brinkman

This workshop explores the position of right-wing populists towards lockdowns and the corona investment fund. We will look at the political positions that were taken, their consequences and the lessons we can learn from them. Is the new reality of corona a blow or an opportunity for Eurosceptic right-wing populism?

In this workshop we look at three cases: Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands, which all have different policies against Corona: Swedish society remained open, the Spanish one was completely locked down, and the Dutch reaction was somewhere in between. The three countries also had a fierce battle over the European investment fund, with Sweden and the Netherlands, despite political differences, joining forces with Denmark and Austria as the thrifty four, while the Spanish Government was the most ardent advocate of a European economic corona package.

13.00: Session 2 Intelligence gathering in the era of Artificial Intelligence


Paul Shotton Picture

 dr. Paul Shotton

Guest speaker

Geraint Edwards

Geraint Edwards, Director of Operations, FiscalNote

Knowledge is power. Intelligence led public affairs requires a strategic technology driven approach towards, for example, tracking issues, legislative processes, stakeholders as well as media and policy debates. Strategic public affairs uses technology to mine information sources in order to navigate, analyse, process and communicate complex political and technical information. This webinar presents recent ‘smart’ practice in intelligence led public affairs. The webinar discusses new insights in information collection, processing and analysis as well as provides clear guidance on selecting (online) intelligence services as well as on developing in-house intelligence dashboards

14.00: Session 1, Apps and COVID-19: Privacy and data protection compliance


Eva Maria Foldes

dr. Eva Maria Foldes 


Stefania Marassi

Guest speakers 

PONCE Aida-2

Aída Ponce Del Castillo, Senior Researcher European Trade Union Institute  

Cécile van der Heijden Axon Lawyers (1)

Cécile van der Heijden, Attorney at law at Axon

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the debate on the use of mobile applications in the implementation of surveillance systems for infectious diseases. Contact tracking and tracing strategies are already used in some countries and planned in others for ensuring real-time monitoring of at-risk individuals and infection sources. As shown by experience from non-EU countries, implementation of such data-driven solutions is presenting new legal and regulatory challenges. Moreover, the use of contact tracking and tracing devices can easily result in people’s private information ending up in the wrong hands.

The purpose of the proposed session is to explore the extent to which the (planned) use of contact tracking and tracing strategies to control the COVID-19 pandemic, follows the EU rules on privacy and data protection – with focus on the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

15.00: Session 4 The Hague: City of Justice and Peace in times of Covid-19? A student-driven research project  


Rosa Groen

Rosa Groen

Guest speakers 


Thomas Jimenez Guttierez, student at THUAS, Business Administration


Savannah Koolen, coordinator of ‘Here to Support’, the undocumented Project in Amsterdam

The Hague is known as the city of Peace and Justice, but is much more than international institutions and advocates of legal and justice issues. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, holds big differences between rich and poor and many low-skilled youths in disadvantaged areas. Besides, the city deals with many status-holders that are often not heard as a result of the refugee crisis in 2015, as many cities do. How do these two groups, the youth in disadvantaged areas and status holders living in The Hague perceive the relatively vague phraseology of ‘Peace and Justice’? And how is the corona crisis affecting these two groups? Does The Hague live up to its promises in terms of ensuring peace and security in these times of crisis?

16.00: Session 5, EU coalition building in times of Covid-19


Tolgan Raben

Tolgan Raben

Guest speaker  

Mihil Luli

Mihill Luli, RVO, Business Development Manager - Germany & France

This workshop connects professionals and students on the question how to find your business partner in Europe in times of Covid-19. Via case studies professionals and students will be encouraged to come up with ideas to network and connect with new business partners online. Which online platforms and tools are being used or could be used by businesses when looking for market entry solutions in European countries?