The best book award for Ethnography “Writing the Self in Bereavement”

"Writing the Self in Bereavement: a story of love, spousal loss, and resilience by Reinekke Lengelle (Routledge, 2021) has been acknowledged with the Best Book award for ethnography. The H. L. “Bud” Goodall, Jr. / Nick Trujillo “It’s a Way of Life” Award is for work that exemplifies story-telling excellence informed by scholarship and is written for both scholarly and public audiences. This book is an important resource for counsellors, counsellor educators, counselling supervisors, psychologists, health professionals in hospices, palliative care providers, grief support workers, and all who are processing grief in their own lives. It is robust enough to serve as a textbook but tender enough to gift to a friend or family member seeking solace in the midst of inexplicable grief."  Description by awards committee & Dr. Robert Borgen (Neault)

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